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Lead Generation For Dentists: A 2024 Guide

Aside from running a challenging business and long hours, dentist say the most challenging aspect of their join is generating new clients. (source)

The reason why so many dental clinic struggle to get new clients is because so many are deploying the wrong strategies.

Difference between dental clinic traditional marketing and dental clinic digital marketing?

Traditionally, dental clinics have relied on methods such as print advertisements, billboards, and word-of-mouth to market their services.

However, with the rise of digital technology, dental clinic digital marketing has become an increasingly important aspect of growing a successful practice.

A survey by the Digital Marketing Institute found that 72% of consumers prefer to receive promotional content through email, compared to just 17% who prefer direct mail.

Where Most Dental Clinic Think Leads Come From

If there’s anyone that understands the power of marketing and advertising, it’s dentists.

Without it, no one will know your dental exists, especially if you’re just starting out. Relying solely on word-of-mouth marketing takes ages.. and it’s not guaranteed.

With all the resources today, it’s easy for dentists to attract a ton of traffic. The problem is converting them into qualified customers.

The problem isn’t the marketing, it’s the strategy. Most dentists have issues with these:

  1. Using channels that require lots of effort that you simply don’t have time for.
  2. Wasting money on expensive methods that should be redirected to efforts with higher result.

Social Media (Paid and Organic)

Clicking on the “Boost Post” button on Facebook is how Mark Zuckerberg makes his fortune. It’s not that easy.

You see, social networks like FB, Instagram and LinkedIn use algorithms that prioritize certain types of posts published by certain types of profiles.

If you don’t understand the algorithm and how to rank on it, then your organic social media posts won’t be seen.

Unless you already have a big following, but then that still doesn’t guarantee results — you’re stuck with low reach and engagement.

Also, which dentists have the time to post daily on social media to grow an engaged audience anyway?

Of course you can do paid ads, but only if you know what you’re doing.

There’s nothing wrong with paid social, but it should be something you invest in after dominating Google’s search engine results pages (SERPS). After all, that’s where people go to look for near by dentists, not social media.

Where Top Dental Clinic Leads Actually Come From.

… Answer is: Google.

They Google it..

For example, “cosmetic dentist in Doncaster” or “dentist in Melbourne”

Or even better, if they’re ready to visit a dentist urgently, they’ll search for “dentist near me”

This is where most high-quality leads come from because it’s people who are actively looking for help with a case today.

It’s likely you already know this. It’s also likely that you’ve already invested into some form of search engine marketing (SEO, PPC Ads) and saw little to no results.

This is where most dental clicic find themselves – aware that they need search engine traffic, but unable to get the results from SEO or PPC campaigns.

Let’s break down why so many law firms struggle with search marketing by taking a look at Google when searching for an “dentist near me”.

There’s a lot happening here…

  • Local service ads
  • Pay Per Clicks ads
  • Local “Maps Pack” organic listings
  • “People also ask” organic content listings
  • Traditional organic results

All of these sections attract eyeballs and clicks – if you’re not attacking all of them, your campaigns will fail.

The key to generating more leads from search engines in 2023 is to be hyper present in all elements of search…aka a “Blended Search” approach.

The Key To More Customers: “Blended Search” Approach.

Dominating the search results sounds like a master plan. But how does it actually work?

We use a proven strategy to help dental clinics appear in all areas of the SERPs.

Step 1: Paid Search

Starting with paid search is the best thing you can do for your dental clinic. It offers fast results — some get calls within hours.

But this isn’t the only reason — PPC ads open the door to finding what we call “winning keywords.”

These are the search terms that drive the highest quality leads at the lowest cost.

Since PPC ads generate engagement fast and wide, we get a ton of insights that help us quickly identify which keywords to target or negate (so your ads don’t appear in searches of lower quality leads).

The PPC process we use and recommend includes:

  • Tracking and reporting: Building reports so we can measure the costs per call, form submission, and lead (to find the high-value keywords)
  • Keyword research: Analyzing your market, offers, and prospective clients to determine the best keywords to test
  • Landing page design: Creating a custom and optimized landing page where all ad traffic will go (and a major key to converting visitors into leads)
  • Ad copywriting: Designing an ad with only two sentences of text and no visuals (where copywriting expertise is critical — we work with the best)
  • Setting up an ad campaign: Building your Google Ads campaign to run and monitor ads (this is where you’ll monitor what’s working and what’s not)
  • A/B testing: Experimenting with elements to see what converts best (e.g., different headlines, calls to action (CTAs), and offers)
  • Scaling winners: Seeing what works to zone in on those keywords and maximize results

Step 2: Local Service Ads

This is another form of paid search we use to attract the eyeballs of your best prospects. They include a photo of you and important details about your dentist practices:

  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Hours of operation
  • Service area
  • Star rating and number of reviews

Step 3: Local SEO

Now, to dominate local SEO for dentists, you must appear in the local 3-pack next to the visually appealing map. And to do this, you must build your Google Business Profile (GBP).

Unlike the first two steps, this isn’t a paid strategy.

The goal to appear in the top three results is to fill out your profile completely and optimize it with your winning keywords. Here’s what to do:

  • Include critical business details (e.g., business name, address, hours of operation, URL, phone number, and business description using target keywords)
  • Select your business categories (e.g., dentist, orthodontic, etc.)
  • Add a cover photo (e.g., dental clinic’s interior, exterior, or even yourself and partners)
  • Get reviews and ratings from happy clients to boost your credibility (and ranking)
  • Build local citations across platforms

Your GBP isn’t something you do once and forget about. You must consistently update it, such as when your number or address changes or you add more locations.

It’s also ideal to have a review solicitation strategy to continue getting reviews from satisfied clients.

For example, sending a QR code with a link to a survey to learn about their experience. And then asking them to publish their review to Google (after seeing it’s positive).

And you need a landing page that’s optimized.